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Gun Parts And Accessories – Generally, there are three types of firearms – Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. There are three basic parts of a modern firearm – The stock that supports the action and usually the barrel, the barrel which is a metal tube that the projectile passes through to the target and the action which loads, fires and ejects the ammunition.

At Gun Parts And Accessories you can shop for a complete assortment of top quality Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun parts to meet your shooting needs. We have a full selection of high quality handgun parts from the worlds top manufacturers. So gives us a few minutes of your time. When shopping for handgun parts for hunting, self-defense or competitive shooting you will find them here at Gun Parts And Accessories.

A pistol is a firearm intended for use in one hand only. It has been said that a pistol is a handgun but not all handguns are called pistols. The word handgun is often synonymous with the word pistol. Often a pistol refers to a handgun having one chamber with a built in barrel. Another example of a handgun that is a pistol is a semi-automatic handgun. Why, because it has a barrel with a built in chamber.

Parts of a Handgun - Gun Parts
Parts of a Handgun

A revolver, on the other hand, are not pistols, because a revolver contains a cylinder that’s separate from the barrel and contains multiple chambers. So any firearm that is designed to be fired using one or both hands is a handgun. Weather you call your handgun a pistol or a revolver you can find all gun parts HERE!

Parts of a Revolver- Gun Parts
Parts of a Revolver

A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder. The first rifles were designed to fired a single projectile with each squeeze of the trigger. Modern rifles are capable of firing one round with each trigger squeeze and others fire in a fully automatic mode. Most modern rifles are either bolt action, lever action or semi-automatic. What ever type of rifle you prefer just remember at some point you will have to do maintenance on it. So choose your replacement parts HERE!

Parts of a Rifle - Gun Parts
Parts of a Rifle

The action of a shotgun is similar to a rifle action. Shotgun actions include Single Barrel break action, Semi-Automatic, Pump Action, Double Barrel side by side and Double Barrel over and under. Join our growing group of shotgun enthusiasts and check out our shotgun parts HERE!

Parts of a Shotgun - Gun Parts
Parts of a Shotgun