Pistol Action Parts

Smith & Wesson Cylinder Assembly Action Parts
Smith & Wesson Cylinder Assembly Action Parts

Pistol Action Parts – include Base Pin Parts, Center Pin Parts, Cocking Parts, Cylinder Parts, Decocking Parts, Ejector Parts, Extractor Parts, Firing Pins, Gate Parts, Hand Parts, Locking Parts and Spring Kits. Find all action parts HERE!


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Base Pin Assemblies include Bushings, Latch Nuts, Latch Parts, Latches, Nuts, Screws and Base Pin Springs. Center Pin Hardware and Center Pins. Cylinder parts include Latches, Pins, Plates, Plungers, Screws, Springs, Stops and Studs. Decocking Lever Bushings and Springs. Ejector Assembly Components include the Housings, Nuts, Pins, Plungers, Rod Assemblies, Rods, Screws and Springs. Extractor parts include Bearings, Pins, Plungers, Rod Collars, Sleeves and Springs.

Firing Pin parts include Blocks, Bushing Pins, Hardware, Levers, Locks, Plungers, Retaining Pins, Springs and Firing Pin Stops. Hand hardware, Gate Hardware and Gate Springs. Hinge Pin Parts include Blocks, Bolts, Locking Inserts, Locking Pins and Locking Springs.