Shotgun Choke Parts

Shotgun Choke Parts
Browning Invector Plus Rooster XR Choke Tube

Choke Tubes & Accessories include items like this Browning Invector Plus Rooster XR choke tube. Choke tubes help reduce pellet deformation and have been specifically designed to produce the best patterns when shooting Winchester’s New Rooster XR ammunition. This choke is manufactured from stainless steel. Most chokes can handle lead, steel, or Hevi-Shot for great hunting results. Find all shotgun chokes HERE!

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Popular Choke Tube manufacturers – American Arms, Baikal, Benelli Mobil, Beretta Mobil, Benelli Crio/Crio Plus, Beretta Optima, Beretta Optima Plus, Beretta Optima HP, Browning Invector, Browning Invector Plus, Browning Invector DS, Franchi, Huglu 20GA, Hastings II 12GA, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 835/935, Remington, Remington Pro Bore, Ruger, Savage, SKB Competition, Spas 12, Tru-Choke, Weatherby and Winchester.